The ExCa ONE is an open-ended investment compartment established under the umbrella of EXCA PRIME RAIF V.C.I.C PLC.

We employ a rules-based strategy with allocation to fundamentals from the outset, unconstrained by asset class, region, or market capitalization, intended to result in a portfolio diversified across the mandate tenets.

The ExCa ONE aims to be a balanced income and growth strategy for most all seasons, usurping the traditional 60/40. The objective is to scale for steady growth while moderating volatility. The fund features behemoth company quality underpinnings with opportunistic constituent securities for a tilt forward; we consider asset weights in a core and satellite approach.

To elaborate, there is a dual thesis:

The first part encapsulates a yield-harvesting dividend and interest reinvestment approach which supports limiting downside capture over the longer-term.

The second part splits into:

(a) a ballast component of wide-moat blue-chip companies (some of which invested in dollar-cost-averaging style and can be within other vehicles), alongside
(b) factor-optimized (as best available data allow) macro-thematics designed to connect investors to select mega-trends